Population Health Management

Our system of programs, reminders, and education will allow those you support with the help they need to stay on track with their health goals, live better, and work harder. It’s a lot of coordination, but we don’t charge extra for it. Because we believe that’s how care works best. That’s our approach to Population Health Management.

Utilization Management

With our Utilization Management program, we connect members to the exact level of care they need to speed recovery and keep costs in check. We track and review each stage of care and leverage established national standards of care guidelines, evidence-based data, and partnerships with local providers to ensure the right level of treatment.

Care Management

Our Care Management Team provides proactive outreach and support to keep members on track with their health goals. They work directly with members on everything from preventive health care reminders to chronic and complex disease management via telephone.

Disease Management

Our Disease Management team will work with your clients to identify barriers, coordinate treatment, educate members about resources and programs, and assist with access to care.

Behavioral Health Management

Substance Use and mental illness are treatable diseases—not personal failings. Our Behavioral Health Team works to dispel the stigma surrounding these conditions and provide members with the support they need to get better. They provide education, assist with access to care, make referrals to programs and community resources, and coordinate treatment with doctors and other providers.


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