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How Safety Net Plan Renewals Impact Your Business And Groups

As we’ve been sharing for the past few months, Safety Net recertifications resumed in April, with the first of our members receiving notifications in May.

We understand that not all brokers typically engage with our Safety Net population, but it’s important to understand how this could impact your groups, their employees, and your business. To help you, we’re providing resources for you to share with your groups including:

  • An “Ask the Expert” flyer that answers some of the most frequently asked questions about Medicaid recertification
  • Safety Net Renewal campaign flyer that can be shared with your groups. It includes a QR code directing members to our renewal page, which contains resources and phone numbers to find more information.

How does this impact my groups and my business?
We know there are groups with employees who currently have “double coverage.” This means an employee who may have been eligible for Medicaid during the Public Health Emergency (PHE) may now have coverage from their employer as well. New York State automatically renewed members enrolled in Safety Net plans like Medicaid during the PHE; however, with the end of the PHE, the auto-renewal process will also come to an end.

An employee will still have their group coverage as long as they are still employed. An employee’s dependents, however, like a spouse or child, could be impacted and left without coverage. Employees will likely turn to their HR representatives for help to either add a family member to their policy or to find an alternative solution for benefits.

As always, contact your account manager if you have any questions or require further assistance with this important initiative.

Download The Safety Net Resources

Plan Renewal Page For Groups


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