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Medicare Products – NYS Prior Approval of Rate Changes

On or about July 31, an application will be submitted requesting 2019 premium rate changes Medicare Supplement products, in accordance with New York state prior approval law.

Employer Group Communication

Initial notification letters will be mailed to employer groups and direct pay members enrolled in the above-listed products. The letter will include our requested rate percentage changes.

Broker Communication

An encrypted email message with copies of the initial notification letters being sent to your groups will begin to be sent around August 7 for Medicare Supplement products.  Please note: the encrypted e-mails will expire if not read within the specified timeframe as indicated in your e-mail notification.  Your groups will receive an annual rate notification with the actual, approved rates 60 days prior to their renewal date.  The annual rate notices will be available to Brokers on Information Connection.

Please be aware, encrypted files expire after a specified time from the send date. You will not be able to access the information in the file if the email isn't opened and read within that time. You will also be prompted to create a password associated with your email address in order to access the encrypted file.

Changes To Member ID Cards Coming In April

MDLIVE Partnership

Tools To Help Members Make The Most Of Their Health Plan

UPDATE: Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) Disaster Relief Notice 2021-01

Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) Disaster Relief Notice 2021-01




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