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Updates To Small Group Non-Enrollment

We are updating our practices for groups that have had prolonged periods of no enrollment in their small group health plan. The following changes will take effect June 1, 2022:

  • Small groups will be reviewed at the time of renewal and will be non-renewed if there has been no enrollment in the prior 120 days.
    • Lines of business will also be reviewed at the time of renewal. If a line of business has not had enrollment in the prior 120 days, it will be non-renewed. For example, if a group has medical with enrollment and dental with no enrollment for 120+ days, the dental plan will be non-renewed.
  • Annual Group Information Form (AGIF) review for a group with no enrollment will result in non-renewal. Previously we would wait until the zero-enrollment process captured groups in this situation, but to remain compliant with Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations, we are required to issue a cancellation due to no common law employees being enrolled in the group health coverage.

Please contact your account representative with any questions.


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