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April 16 Is National Healthcare Decisions Day

National Healthcare Decisions Day was created to emphasize the importance of advance care planning. Advance care planning is the process we use to plan for future medical care, consider what matters most to us, share our values, beliefs, and goals with our loved ones and complete relevant advance care planning document(s).

The most important advance care planning document is the health care proxy. The health care proxy lets you designate a health care agent who can make decisions that reflect what matters most if you’re unable to speak for yourself.

The New York health care proxy form requires two witness signatures. Neither witness can be the agent(s) you designate in the document. Witnessing can also be accomplished by using videoconferencing technology where needed. Once complete, keep a copy of the health care proxy form for yourself and share additional copies (physically or digitally) with your designated health care agents, your doctor, family members, trusted friends, and your attorney. Copies, faxes, and electronic representations of your health care proxy are all legal and valid in New York State.

Here are some ways Groups can use our Advance Care Planning toolkit (ZIP) to support their employees:

  • Promote National Healthcare Decisions Day, April 16, 2022 (flyer included)
  • Share the animation and Advance Care Planning booklet with employees
  • Encourage all employees to designate a health care proxy (forms in English & Spanish included)

Here are some additional resources:

Get Our Advance Care Planning Toolkit (ZIP)


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